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At Benson Community School, we fundamentally believe that mathematics is essential to every-day life and the future outcomes and life-chances of our pupils. Mathematics is critical to most forms of employment and careers, as well as providing the prerequisite skills for successful financial literacy.


A high-quality mathematics education provides the foundation for the understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically and have an appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics.


In accordance with the 2014 National Curriculum, we set out to ensure that all our pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics; enabling our children to reason and solve problems by choosing and applying their understanding of mathematical concepts in solving a variety of problems.


We believe that everyone can be a mathematician!


We teach mathematics at Benson Community School using the White Rose Mathematics approach provide a consistent core to what we do. But we appreciate that our parents/carers may well have been taught in a very different way at school themselves and we kindly ask that parents/carers ensure that the children are taught the ‘Benson Approach’. Please take time to watch the short videos below to learn about our approaches to maths at Benson.