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"Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient, Be Remarkable"

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Vision and Values


Our Vision is for Benson Community School to be:

A school where we celebrate diversity and individual identity.

A school that is truly inclusive.

A school with a hallmark of great teaching


Our vision is to be a school where we celebrate diversity and individual identity: Where everyone who enters our doors feels safe, secure and at home. Where everyone has a voice and knows it will be heard. Where everyone recognises their own potential and the potential of others. Where we promote a sense of pride, recognition and respect for our diverse and shared heritage- when we know where we’ve come from, we know where we’re going!


Our vision is to be a school that is truly inclusive: Where children learn the skills they really need and great emphasis is placed on meeting the needs of all regardless of their starting points. Where resilience and self-regulation go hand in hand with academic progress. Where we acknowledge the challenges and difficulties some members of our school community face but we never give up on our children and families – Once a Benson Bee always a Benson Bee!


Our vision is to be a school with a hallmark of great teaching: Where great teaching and learning happens every day and a wide range of experiences help all children grow into rounded, responsible members of society with valuable skills to offer. Where we instil an enthusiasm and a love of learning and provide a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that inspires and challenges our children, setting them up to be remarkable adults. Where everyone knows ‘there are no limits to what you can achieve’.


Our vision is summed up in our 4 core values – our 4 Benson Be’s

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Resilient, Be Remarkable



Be Respectful 

  • Of ourselves 
  • Of the cultures, religions and beliefs others 
  • Of our school 
  • Of our wider community 
  • Of the environment 
  • Of the right of others to learn 


Be Resilient 

  • We keep trying – we persevere 
  • We adopt an ‘I can’ attitude 
  • We adapt - ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’t…YET!’ 
  • We’re not afraid of failure: we learn from it 
  • We embrace change: it’s what helps us grow and develop 
  • We relish challenge 
  • We have skills and strategies to solve problems and overcome difficult situations 


Be Responsible 

  • For our thoughts, words and actions 
  • For keeping ourselves and others safe  
  • For property and equipment 
  • For our own learning and personal development 


Be Remarkable 

  • We have high expectations of ourselves and others  
  • We aspire to succeed in everything we do 
  • We go out of our way to try new things  
  • We seek to inspire and to be inspired 
  • We ask – ‘why be good when you can be great?’ 
  • We seek opportunities to participate and perform