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Whenever you walk into a school you can get a real sense of what is going on from the way children and adults greet you. At Benson one is struck by the friendly nature of all the staff and pupils here. Respect for one another is a keystone to our success. We are proud that we treat each other well and know that we in return are shown the respect we all deserve. This school is a ‘respecting rights’ school and as such really helps children understand that they are valued and listened to. We will be teaching our children that respect is a very essential element of life. We have successfully developed our 3Bs+ curriculum (Benson, Birmingham, Britian & Beyond) to ensure that values underpin everything we do. We are building the community within the school to help children grow up to build the community outside school.


But we also have a really important job to do to ensure that our children grow up with the necessary skills of reading, writing and maths. We will be trying to instil a real love for books and the characters encountered there. Children will learn not only how to read a wide range of literature but will also have opportunities to talk about how stories impact on them and their own lives and how they can bring history &  RE  alive. We will help children make mathematical links with the world around them and show them how maths skills help solve scientific and geographical problems.

Of course, as a healthy school we are keen to make sure that our children are active and skilled in running, throwing, catching, batting and swimming. We have some top athletes, cricketers,  basketball players and footballers here (watch this space Aston Villa!). Our links with King Edwards Aston Grammar School ensure we have the highest quality ‘skills’ teaching here. We know their support makes a real difference to all we do.


We value creativity too. Not just through art and design and technology but through the way we teach in every subject by asking open questions and demanding that our children make judgements and evaluations. Our ‘Ask it’ sessions really challenge our children to deepen their understanding of the world around them. So there really are no limits. Welcome to our school.


Head Teacher